PCAuthorities.com is All about Protecting Your PC Investment with the RIGHT PC Performance Tools.

PCauthorities.com is dedicated to providing you with the best PC performance tools in the market. We don’t just recommend any application; we run and test them through our various systems first. And IF they meet our criteria on safety, ease of use, stability, customer support, and price points, only then will you see them on our site.

PCauthorities.com is comprised of SOFTWARE TESTERS.

optimize pc performanceOther sites simply recommend applications for profit. We don’t. Our team is made up of software testers who are capable of determining if an application is REALLY good for your PC. You can bank on our testing expertise.

PCauthorities.com believes in the ‘Try Before You Buy Approach’.

In most of the applications we recommend, you’ll almost always be given the chance to run a Free Performance Scan. This means you get to run the recommended PC performance tool before you decide to purchase it. The main benefit of this for you is…

you get to see if the software really does detect any problems on your PC;

you get to see if the user interface of the software is simple and easy for you; and

you get to see how the software SOLVES your PC problems.

As an added service, PCauthorities.com also offers you hundreds of TTTs (Tutorials, Tips and Tweaks) that help you use your PC and various software more effectively. These TTTs are written exclusively by our in-house staff of Tech Writers, who actually provide How To solutions or ‘knowledgebases’ to other tech companies. So feel free to browse over them and use the one that helps you improve the performance of your PC.

Data Recovery, here you’ll find important tips on how to recover lost files and documents from your PC. Even the ones you previously deleted CAN still be retrieved you know! You can even recover that you’ve burned on a CD or DVD even if that media gets damaged in some way. It’s all about knowing what steps to take.

The Device Drivers section is all about software and hardware drivers that are extremely important components of your PC.

Feel free too to go over our DAILY Dose of PC NEWS section, where we give you the most happening things in the computing and tech world today. Jeff McCord handles this section mostly and his passion for all things PC and tech related shows in each news article he posts.

Lastly, we have an Announcements section, which is where we get to share with you important news about our company.

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