Special offer: 10 free licenses for All My Movies

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Frequent readers of PCauthorities will recall our review of the All My Movies software and the mention of the All My Books software from Bolidesoft in previous updates.
For people who are collecting books or movies and want to organize their collection, these programs offer great value.

As a special promotion for our PCauthorities.com visitors, we are able to offer 10 free licenses to the All My Movies software!
So if you have not tried the software yet, download and test the latest version now, and let us know what you think.
The first 10 commenters to this post will receive a free license to the All My Movies software. That’s a $39.95 value completely free!


7 Comments to “Special offer: 10 free licenses for All My Movies”

  1. Senellyn says:

    If this is still current I would like to get one license.

  2. Jules says:

    @Senellyn – The offer is certainly still current. You are actually the first one to comment, so I have forwarded your name and email address to Bolidesoft (the company behind the collector software). Let me know if you have not received your free license in a few days.
    Enjoy the software!

  3. AdamZ says:

    Great software I would like to get one license if it’s posible

  4. Jules says:

    @AdamZ – Glad you like the software. But in order to get your free license, you’ll need to reply again with your email address, so we can send that to Bolidesoft for sending you a license.
    You can also email me if you prefer, just use jules at the website’s domain name.

  5. AdamZ says:

    @Jules – email adamz25(at)gmail.com

  6. mcmail says:

    The best movie organizer! If it’s still possible I would like to get one :)

  7. Jules says:

    @mcmail – We have not reached the 10 yet, so I think the offer is still valid. Please email me so I can send your email address to the vendor for the free license.

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