Following is a list of keywords and terms you would likely come across when dealing with a slow PC and looking for speed up your computer products.

Blue Screen
Often called the Blue Screen of Death (or stop error, BSOD or bluescreen), this is when your monitor displays a blue screen, which actually means a fatal system error has occurred. If your computer is slow, one reason for this is that there are many conflicts within your system and if they are not resolved, a blue screen may appear. Windows XP will generate a minidump file to allow analysis of the cause of the error.

One common cause of blue screen errors is a device driver issue. Device conflicts, incorrect drivers, or similar problems can result in a BSOD. Simply check and update your device drivers for Windows to rule out this cause.

Computer Freeze
A computer freezes when an application or tool installed on your PC or indeed the computer itself stops to respond to whatever mouse or keyboard input you do. This is better known as a hanging computer.

Downloaded Program Files
This is a list of everything you download from the Internet, including ActiveX and Java Applets from the Web. You can use various programs to scan this folder and, if you want, erase the contents of this folder. Saves space and no risk involved.

Junk File Cleaner
File Clean-Up is important to free disk space and keep optimal computer performance. Junk File Cleaner is a feature in QuickPCOptimizer which identifies and lets you remove Junk and Temporary Files on your PC.

File Shredder
This is a feature in QuickPCOptimizer which deletes unwanted files permanently. You see, when you delete a file on your PC, it’s still really there waiting for you to ‘undelete’ or restore it. These files just occupy a lot of space on your PC (slowing down your PC!) and worse, they can be accessed by anyone using your PC or a hacker (thereby exposing information in these documents to others).
Especially with file recovery programs it is easy to restore files that have not really been erased properly!

Internet Cookies
Certain website use these to keep track of your online activities. You can use QuickPCOptimizer to scan, detect and delete these from your system.

Internet History
A link to each page visited during a predefined period leading up to the current day is stored under Internet history. This list can be permanently removed using various PC clean up programs, so that no one can keep tabs on you.

Privacy Clean-Up
Your privacy is important, and privacy clean-up can help you protect your privacy online. QuickPCOptimizer has a feature called Clean Your Personal History that let’s you remove private information. Protect your privacy and prevent identity theft!

Temporary Files and Folders
These are files and folders that are used during application installs. It can easily accumulate and occupy a lot of PC disk space, slowing your computer down. You can use PC cleanup software to scan these files and folders and delete the ones you don’t need from your system.

Uninstall Manager
This is a feature in QuickPCOptimizer which removes applications you do not like anymore the RIGHT way. Normally, your system does not always remove all remnants of programs you uninstall, but leaves fragments behind (both in the Windows registry as well as files on disk). These can cause problems of system slowdown, freeze and, in extreme cases even a crash.