How to Add Conditional Formatting In MS Excel XP

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To add conditional formatting in MS Excel XP:

  1. Choose the cell or cells that should have conditional formatting.
  2. Select cells for conditional formatting
  3. Click the Conditional Formatting option in the Format menu.
  4. Under Condition 1, choose Cell Value Is to use the values from the selected cells as the formatting criteria. Click the down arrow to choose a comparison phrase, and then enter the condition parameters.
  5. Choose Formula Is to use a formula as the formatting criteria, and then type the formula desired. Note: Always start formulas with an equal sign (=).
  6. Click the Format button and format the cells as desired for cells that pass the conditional format.
  7. Click the OK button.
  8. To add more conditions, click the Add button and repeat steps 3-5.
  9. Conditional formatting in Excel
  10. Click the OK button.

Whenever the values in the selected range change, the conditional formatting is automatically reapplied based on the cell contents and the specified conditions.


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