How to Troubleshoot and Overcome Runtime Error 1004

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Run time errors are a common annoyance for Windows users. These errors are specific to numerous Microsoft Office applications, including Excel. The error Excel users often encounter is runtime error 1004. The best way to describe this error is a catch-all error code that defines errors that are otherwise undefinable. For this reason, this type of error can actually point to a wide range of problems. This article will cover two of the most common reasons for runtime error 1004 and offer a few tips to help resolve the issues.

Runtime Error 1004 Symptoms

All run time errors usually give the user symptoms indicating that there is problem. This particular error often occurs when opening an Excel file or accessing the Excel Desktop icon, displaying a runtime error 1004 message that reads: “Method On Key Up Object_APPLICATION Failed.” Additional details will notify you that the application is unable to load the resource library, recommending that you exit the application, install the resource library and restart the application.

You can troubleshoot your Excel issues and runtime error 1004 from within the Windows system. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Right-click the Windows Start button
  • In the menu, select Explorer
  • In the Explorer, open the C:\Program Files\MS Office\Office\XLSTART directory (Change the driver letter to your system disk if different)
  • Delete the GWXL97.XLA File
  • Close the Explorer
  • Open the Excel application

After opening Excel, the application should start and allow you to work without run time errors.

Worksheet-Related Run Time Errors

You may also encounter runtime error 1004 when working with macros. In Excel, you can run macros that copy worksheets and place them into the workbook from which they originated. Doing so could result in a runtime error 1004 message that reads: “copy method of worksheet class failed” or “application-defined or object-defined error.” This typically occurs when you give your workbook a defined name and copy it multiple times without saving and closing the workbook first. To resolve this issue, try to save and close the workbook periodically while you are in the process of copying it. Keep in mind that the number of times a worksheet can be copied before saving all depends on its size.

Working Around Runtime Error 1004

To work around such run time errors, you can insert a new worksheet from a template rather than copying an existing worksheet. To do this, follow the instructions below for Microsoft Excel 2007:

  • Create a new workbook in Excel and delete all other worksheets.
  • Format the workbook and add any text or charts that need to be inserted into the template.
  • Name the file whatever you want the template to be saved as, making sure to select the template (xltx) format.
  • Insert the template using the following code:
    Sheets.Add Typ:=path\filename

Take note that the path \filename is to contain the full path and file name for the template with which you are working.

Overcoming Runtime Error 1004

The runtime error 1004 can be a bothersome when working in Excel, but it doesn’t have to a problem. As with all run time errors, the key is knowing what is behind them and how to resolve the issues.

Other causes for runtime error 1004 are often automation or Visual Basic related.

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4 Comments to “How to Troubleshoot and Overcome Runtime Error 1004”

  1. Mohsen Eataei says:

    first of all, thanks for your comment, i have a problem, i write a program with excel 2003 with VBA and i use acrobat 9 for convert my file to pdf, i work in company network, my program worked 2days, then i have receive an error like as ” Rely system font, …” , i know this error related to adobe distiller and corrected that but som of files not work yet, i change all user confoguration but error is exsisting, can you help me? , thanks. I have some excel template that load from a main file. thanks.

  2. Anthony says:

    Mohsen Eataei – Are you creating a searcheable PDF, or just a PDF for print? You could have a look at something like Bullzip PDF printer as an alternative if you just want to create a simple print PDF.
    Regarding your error, if it is Acrobat distiller related, I am not too familiar with that, sorry. Maybe you can at least provide the exact error message with details?

  3. Cindy says:

    Had the same issue as the above, where I received the same error message “Rely System font…”.
    Not sure if this will work for everyone, but I simply selected another printer as Default printer, and then re-selected Adobe PDF as default printer. It solved the problem for me.

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