How to Turn Browser Add-Ons On or Off in Internet Explorer 7

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  1. Go to the Tools menu, select the Manage Add-ons option, and then click the Enable or Disable Add-ons option.
    (In case the menu is not showing, press the Alt key first.)
  2. Select an add-on name on the list and then click the Enable or Disable options under the Settings section.
  3. browser add ons

  4. Click the OK button.

Note: By default only the currently loaded add-ons are listed, if you want to see all add-ons, select Add-ons that have been used by Internet Explorer in the top selection.

Unfortunately you can only select one add-on at the time to enable or disable. If you want to run Internet Explorer 7 without any add-ons, you can use a command line switch. Open a command prompt and change the directory to “C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer“.
Then type: iexplore.exe -extoff and press Enter.
Internet Explorer will now start with all add-ons disabled.


67 Comments to “How to Turn Browser Add-Ons On or Off in Internet Explorer 7”

  1. Jules says:

    @Heather – The last option mentioned in the article will allow you to start IE without add-ons from the command line. Have you tried that?

  2. Dakota says:

    im stuck on step 1. it wont let me choose that option its like blocked off please help.

  3. Alfred says:

    How do we turn off the add-ons from explorer or diable it I hate it how do we contact microsoft about this problem im still with windows xp

  4. Neil says:

    I don’t know where the tools menu is. :P

  5. my add on option is not working . i mean disabled how to recure it.

  6. Andrea Oneal says:

    I cannot find the add-ons setting button. HUUUUUUUUUUH So frustrating!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!

  7. Jules says:

    @Andrea Oneal – It is not a button, but a menu option. Press the ALT key to show the menu in case you do not see it.

  8. lineth says:

    I cant turn on my add- on again!!!! I go to my settings and they are all on, then if their all on then why does it tell me its not on??=( PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME ASAP

  9. Kristi says:

    I can not turn my add-on on again. I never turned them off they just went off when I was doing a cleaning of my system. Can anyone help me get them to turn on again?

  10. Kristi says:

    Them menu tells me my add-on’s are enabled but I E keep telling me the are disabled. What can I do?

  11. kieran says:

    internet explorer is running without add-ons.cant change this as manage add-ons is not highlighted in tools

  12. Alex says:

    Somehow my add-ons got disabled and I don’t know how to turn them back on again.. Now. I can’t do anything on my computer

  13. big H says:

    IE is running with add-ons disable how do I enable them I went to tools and enable everything and still says disable.

  14. keith beach says:

    Microsoft is run by bill gates he hates you because you are not a geek. He just wants your money and then he spits on you and if you die of frustration he dances on your grave. Also he Mad Jacks on your headstone.

    Sick Freak

  15. marie troy says:

    nice 1

  16. TbAnn says:

    Hi Jules, I have Chrome as main browser and 2 other browsers underneath. I can’t find anywhere to delete them. Looks like in they are disabled when I go to internet options but they are not. Another HUGE problem! I keep getting a pop-up from Media Finder.exe every few minutes. I x it out. Went to uninstall in programs, not there. Went to add ons-there.Wont let me disable, delete-nothing! Stays at the bottom grouped with malware, panda cloud. Have done just about everything to delete it. Wont delete. Didn’t install it to begin with. How do I get rid of browsers and this media finder.exe. Thanks!! TBAnn

  17. Jules says:

    @TbAnn – What are the other browsers? If it is IE, I would not recommend to try and delete that anyway, as it can disrupt things.
    Other browsers should normally be uninstalled from the Control Panel. If they are not listed there, you have two options:
    1) reinstall them and then uninstall it from the Control Panel.
    2) Delete the browser program folder manually.

    For the mediafinder.exe, that’sa know, nasty program that often gets installed together with browser toolbars.
    You can manually uninstall the mediafinder.exe using the following steps:
    – use the Task Manager in Windows to end the Mediafinder.exe process.
    – uninstall Mediafinder program from windows control panel Add/Remove Programs if it is there.
    – start the windows registry by typing regedit.exe at the Star menu. Use the find function to search for any Mediafinder.exe registry entries.
    – search for Mediafinder.exe files on your computer and delete it (use Shift key to permanently delete).

    Hope this helps.

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