RECEIVING ERROR MESSAGE: “Cannot Find the Specified File. Make Sure The Path And Filename Are Correct.” When Using MS Powerpoint XP

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Note: This error may occur when a presentation with linked sound files is moved and played in another computer without the corresponding sound files also moved. Sound files are linked when they exceed the file size limitation. As such, moving a presentation without its corresponding sound files would produce this error.

  1. Increase the sound file size limit to embed the sound file in the presentation. Note: This procedure applies only to WAV files.
    1. Click Tools menu, and select Options.
    2. Choose the General tab.
    3. Use the up arrow to increase the value for Link sounds with file size greater than [x] Kb field to a size just a bit bigger than the sound file to be embedded. Note: The maximum file size accepted by Ms PowerPoint is 50,000 Kb.
    4. Click OK button.
    5. Insert back the sound files in the presentation.
  2. With the use the Pack and Go Wizard, collect the sounds linked in the presentation.
    1. Click File menu, select Package for CD option, and then select Next button.
    2. Choose the presentation to be packed and then select Next button.
    3. Choose where the packed presentation should be stored and then select Next button
    4. Select Include linked files and Embed TrueType fonts options and then click Next button.
    5. Specify if the PowerPoint Viewer should also be packed and then click Next. Note: Include the viewer if the presentation is to be played on a computer without MS PowerPoint installed.
    6. Click Finish.


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