How to Convert a MS Word Document to PDF in MS Word XP

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To convert a MS Word document to PDF in MS Word XP:

  1. Ensure that Adobe Acrobat is installed. Tip: Install Adobe Acrobat after MS Office XP is installed. This will automatically include the Adobe Acrobat features when you open MS Word XP.
  2. Open the MS Word document to be converted.
  3. Click the Convert to Adobe PDF icon. Tip: If this is not available, go to the View menu. Select Toolbars and then click PDFMaker [version].
  4. Type name for the PDF file and then click Save.

Another common method is to use a PDF creation tool that acts as a printer driver, which means you can create PDF from almost every Windows program. Bullzip PDF Printer is an example of such a tool, and it is completely free.

Another alternative to Adobe Acrobat is the PDFCreator, which is an Open Source solution to creating PDF.

For most purposes the alternate PDF creation solutions are going to be fine, but keep in mind that Adobe is the original owner of the PDF standard and it was only made an open standard in 2008. This means that the best compatibility and support for PDF is still going to come from Adobe Acrobat, so if you use it for business purposes that is still the best solution.

Do you know of any other usefull PDF creation tools? Share them with us and the other readers by leaving you comments!


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