How to Create a Legal Pleading in MS Word XP

October 10, 2007 by
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  1. Click File menu, and then select the New option.
  2. Select On my computer option in the New Document task pane.
  3. Click the Legal Pleadings tab, double-click Pleading Wizard option and then click Next button.
  4. Select Write a pleading document for the court selected below, choose the desired pleading template in the box below and then click Next. Note: If there is no template available, a template must be created first. All options will be dimmed except for Create a new pleading template for another court.
  5. Click Next button.
  6. Select which parties are involved and then click Next buton
  7. Enter the names of the plaintiffs and defendants and then click Next button.
  8. Enter the title and case numbers and then click Next button.
  9. Enter the name of the attorney(s), the firm and its address, and then click Next button.
  10. Click Finish button.


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