The Recovered File Cannot Be Opened Or Saved In MS Word XP

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Note: MS Word XP and other Microsoft Office programs automatically open recovered files when the program is restarted after a power failure or a similar problem. If the recovered file did not open automatically, it can be done manually.

  1. Click File menu and select Open option.
  2. Find in the folder where the recovered files are stored. Tip: For MS Windows 2000 operating systems, the location is usually C:\documents and settings\[username]\Application Data\Microsoft\[program name]. For Windows 98 operating systems, the location is usually C:\Windows\Application Data\Microsoft\[program name].
  3. Click the down arrow of Files of type field to show list and then choose All Files options. Note: Each recovered file is named AutoRecover Save of [file name] and has the program file name extension.
  4. Select the name of the file to be recovered and then click Open button.
  5. Click File menu and select Save option.
  6. Type the name of the existing file in the File name field.
  7. Then, click Yes option if a prompt appears asking if the existing file should be replaced.


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