How to Insert Footnotes or Endnotes Using Multiple Number Formats In MS Word XP

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To insert footnotes or endnotes using multiple number formats in MS Word XP:

  1. Place the cursor where the note reference mark should be inserted. Note: The document should already be divided into sections.
  2. From the Insert menu, choose Reference, and then click Footnote.
  3. Under Location, choose Footnotes or Endnotes.
  4. Click the Number format drop-down list and then click the format to be used for the current section.
  5. Click the Numbering drop-down list and then click whether to restart numbering at each section or each page, or to number in a continuous sequence across page and section breaks.
  6. Click the Apply changes to drop-down list and then click which part of the document should be inserted with a footnote or endnote with a new number format.
  7. Click Insert.


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