Receiving Error Message: “Word Could Not Insert the Address. One Or More Address Fields Are Missing From The Selected Address Book. Pick another Address Book or Change Your Address Layout And Try Again.” When Using MS Word XP

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Note: This error may appear when attempting to insert a contact from the Schedule+ contact list by using the Address Book feature in Word 2002. This error occurs when using MS Exchange Server with MS Schedule+, and MS Outlook 98 has not been upgraded to MS Outlook 2000 or MS Outlook 2002 as the mail client.

  1. Exit all applications.
  2. In the CD-ROM drive, load the Microsoft Office 97 CD.
  3. Find and select schdmapi.dll in the CD-ROM [drive]:\Office folder.
  4. Copy the schdmapi.dll file into the Office 2002 folder located in [drive]:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\1033.
  5. Select the Yes option when prompted to overwrite the existing file.
  6. Another option is to upgrade to Outlook 2002, or to add contacts directly by opening the Schedule+ file in MS Word XP.


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