Receiving Error Message: Run-Time Error 48 File Not Found [Filename] When Using MS Word XP

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Using third party add-ons with MS Word can help you with some functionality that MS Word does not have by itself. But every add-on uses external files, and if one is missing, errors start popping up.

Note: This error may occur when an add-in attempts to use a DLL file that was not found.

  1. Go to the Windows Start menu, select the Search option and then click All files and folders option.
  2. Search a Windows File
  3. Look for the All or part of the file name field and type the file name listed in the error message and then click Search button.
  4. Type the filename to search
  5. When the file is found, right-click the file and then select Copy button.
  6. Navigate to the Microsoft Office\Office10\Addins folder. With the folder open, click the Edit menu and then click Paste option.
  7. When file is not found, contact the Add-in vendor for more details.


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