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Compared to earlier versions of the Internet Explorer, IE 7 is a big improvement. The need to switch to an alternate browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, is much less. Speed, security and user friendliness have all been improved in the later versions of Internet Explorer. Security is further addressed, and Parental Control ads a lot of control for parents that are worried their children access unsuitable content.

But there is always more to wish for, Microsoft has not build all features into the Internet Explorer that you might want. Especially if you have been working with Mozilla Firefox and the many add-ons available for it. You are still going to miss many of these features in Internet Explorer 7. Some further features however, can be added to IE7 by installing an add-on called IE7Pro. This Internet Explorer add-on can be downloaded from It is a free add-on that is easy to install.

IE7Pro adds many functions to Internet Explorer 7 that make browsing faster and easier. You get more control over the new features of IE7, like tabbed browsing, as well as a lot of extra features like mouse gesture, tabbed history and a web accelerator.

Once IE7Pro is installed, start the Internet Explorer, press the Alt key to show the menus and then click IE7Pro Preferences in the Tools menu. The screenshot shows some of the options in the IE7Pro add-on:

IE7Pro Options

The search function is alike the Firefox search, a bar in the bottom in the screen instead of a search window. Simple drag-and-drop enables you to drag a link from a web page and drop it in a new tab. Anyhow, go through the many options and configure the Internet Explorer to your personal liking using IE7Pro.

All in all, IE7Pro is a nice and useful extension to Internet Explorer 7.


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