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Netmeter network monitoringWho want’s to trust the ISP’s bandwidth claims without having the proof on your PC? You want to see it, you want to measure it. But by default Windows does not have a lot of tools to keep track of your network performance. If you want to monitor your download and upload speed as well as bandwidth usage, there are quite a lot of tools.

Most network monitoring tools are commercial tools, but there are free applications as well. Check out NetMeter, which can be downloaded from:

Download NetMeter and install the application. You can configure it to start during windows startup. The program allows you to configure which network interfaces it should monitor. A very nice feature of NetMeter is the graphical user interface, if you have Windows 2000 or Windows XP, you can configure the program to use transparency and have it run in the background. Whenever you want to check the bandwidth usage, you simply bring up the NetMeter window.

The program has current as well as maximum network usage option, reporting functions and even notifications for configurable network traffic limits.

All in all a very useful tool to monitor your network interface. Especially handy of you are switching to a new internet provider and want to check internet performance, or if you are trying to troubleshoot a wireless network.


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  1. Looks like a great free tool. I always like to keep track of my network speed but its hard finding good tools to do so.

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