Add Support for the Open Document Format to MS Office 2007

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More and more people are using OpenOffice as an alternative for the Microsoft Office Suite. is a free software suite with a text processing and a spreadsheet program similar to Word and Excel. OpenOffice is used a lot by Linux users, but even on Windows it can be installed as an alternative to MS Office.

So what happens when you need to exchange documents between the two? Well OpenOffice will open most MS Office documents, although not all features will be supported. You might miss some markup or formatting, but in general it opens up pretty well.

If you want to open an open document-format file in Office 2007 however, you need to install a converter. The converter will convert the ODF-documents from OpenOffice to MS Office format. The converter add-in can be downloaded from the sourceforge webpage.

Download the installer and run it when complete. Note that the program requires the Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 or higher, so if that is not installed, you will need to install that too. During installation of the add-in you can select which converters you want to install.

ODF Add-in for Microsoft Office

You can also select the file extensions to associate with Office. By default none of the open document format extensions are selected, but it is convenient to associate all three with MS Office.

Next time you start MS Word, you will see a new ODF menu entry in the Word menu. Using the new ODF menu entry, you can open and save documents in the OpenDocument format. The same applies to Excel and PowerPoint.

ODF menu in MS Word


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