Minimize Outlook Express to an Icon in the Taskbar Notification Area

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When you use Outlook Express in Windows XP, and you minimize Outlook Express, you will see the program listed on the taskbar. Since email clients are often run all the time, the taskbar can get full with these minimized applications. If Outlook is minimized, there is no taskbar space lost, since Outlook is shown with a single icon in the notifications area.

Would it not be nice to do the same for Outlook Express? By default Outlook Express will show on the taskbar as a minimized window instead of a nice small icon.

Windows Mail on Taskbar

Well, with a little help that is quite possible. If you download and install a small program called HideOE from R2 Studios, you can minimize Outlook Express to the notification area as well.

Once installed, you need to run HideOE and then start Outlook Express. Whenever you use the minimize button in Outlook Express, you will see the Outlook Express icon on the taskbar instead of the minimized window.

Outlook Express shown as icon

Although not stated on the webpage, HideOE also appears to work find in Vista with Windows Mail (the replacement/successor of Outlook Express).


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  1. one day i just realize the taskbar didn’t showed the network icon so i just went to taskbar’s properties then notification area and in system icons i selected clock, network, volume and power and it showed every thing, but just now i see that it only shows power and clock and i go to the system icons option and network and volume aren’t available to select, and i do have internet and my speakers are working well…

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