QuickPCOptimizer Review

Dealing with a slow Windows PC can be a drag. Even if you only install programs that you really require, performance can degrade over time. Windows has some ways of dealing with PC optimization, but using a 3rd party program to help you optimize your PC can be a good idea. We reviewed QuickPCOptimizer as one of the candidates for this task.

Special offer: 10 free licenses for All My Movies

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Everybody is collecting something, and in today’s multimedia-rich world, there are many people collecting movies. If you are still trying to find out how to best organize your movies, have a look at the All My Movies software. As a special deal for PCauthorities visitors, Bolidesoft is giving away 10 free licenses!

Windows Update Failing in Vista or Windows 7

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Windows PC’s rely on being updated on a regular basis by Microsoft. The Windows Update service ensures that computers get the latest patches and fixes, so the computers are safe and perform optimally. But Windows Update can fail for a number of reasons, which can often be fixed with the steps in this article.

Optimize Internet Explorer 9

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Not happy with how IE9 looks? Or maybe the performance should be better? Check out TweakIE9, which gives you control over many of the settings for Internet Explorer 9, even if they are not available through the Internet Options menu. Optimize IE9 the way you like it!

Preview images in the right-click popup menu

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Previewing images in Windows seems like something you want to leave to Windows itself. But looking around, you will see that there are plenty of other solutions to preview images. FastPreview is one such image preview program, which actually shows you a preview right in the popup menu!

Prevent Touchpad Cursor Jumps

Most notebooks have a touchpad to allow cursor control with the absence of an external mouse. Touchpad software had come a long way in replacing a mouse, offering easy ways to scroll, and with the latest synaptics software also supporting gestures. But one thing that can be a problem is the location of the touchpad. […]