Windows 7 – Shutdown button changes to Install Updates and Shut Down

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Don’t let Windows 7 take control of the Shutdown button after installing updates! Disable the automatic change of the Shutdown button into Install Updates and Shut down in Windows 7 with an easy registry change.

Internet Explorer or a different browser

People that have been using Windows based computers for some time, have probably all been using Internet Explorer at some point in time. And many probably still are, as Microsoft browser has been updated on a continuous basis, resulting in the current version 9. A good influence on this development has been the European decision […]

How to Add YouTube Video to PowerPoint

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PowerPoint presentations are a great way to get your message across, from simple instructions to elaborate presentations or training courses. Using text, animations and graphics has always been possible, but it is even possible to use YouTube videos in your presentation if you found a great online video that fits your subject. Here is how to do it.

A Movie Organizer to Help You Keep Track of Your Movies

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Tired of typing in all the details of your favorite movies in your movie collection software? All my movies makes it simple to manage your movie collection. User-friendly and hardly anything needs to be entered manually anymore, it uses the online movie databases.

How to Fix Random Shutdown on Desktop Computers

Troubleshooting computer problems can be quite a nightmare. There are so many possible causes for errors that it is often hard to find the cause. Random computer shutdowns are one of the worst kind of problems, so you know you have a serious issue. If you want to fix random desktop computer shutdowns, don’t forget to look inside the computer!

How to Update Your Computer BIOS

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Some computer problems can be solved by updating the BIOS on the motherboard. But since this is a risky process, you want to be sure it is required and follow the right steps in performing the BIOS update. We outlined the steps before and after the BIOS update for you.