Minimize Outlook Express to an Icon in the Taskbar Notification Area

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Fed up with all these applications taking up space on the taskbar? Some applications show an icon on the notification area of the taskbar instead of the minimized window. Outlook does this as well, but Outlook Express does not. If you are always running your email client, here is how to to this with Outlook Express.

Fix “Can’t Create File” Error in Outlook

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Sending attachments with emails is common practice, and if you use Microsoft Outlook as your email client, you can just double-click the attachment to open it. But if you get the “can’t create file” error when opening an attachment in Outlook, something needs to be done to fix it. These steps show how to fix this Outlook error.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Still not sure which web browser you want to use? Will it be the new Google Chrome, the long time favorite Mozilla FireFox, or still Internet Explorer? Maybe the new Internet Explorer 9 can help you decide. IE9 has many improvements over IE8, including better performance and compatibility. The IE9 beta is available to users for evaluation.

This Device Can Perform Faster

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Although USB 3.0 ports are becoming more and more common on many motherboards and new computers, USB 2.0 is still the current standard for most USB devices. But what if you computer tells you that the device can perform faster when you plug your USB device? Could it be a USB 1.1 port? Learn how to solve these USB problems in the following steps.

How to Reduce the Hard Disk Space Reserved for Restore Points in Windows 7

Windows 7, like Vista uses the System Protection mechanism to make restore point that can help you recover your configuration in case of problems and errors. The space used for these restore points can easily go into gigabytes. If you are in need of some extra space and don’t make too many changes to your system, you can try reducing the space Windows 7 uses for these restore points.

How to Limit System Restore Disk Space in Vista

If you don’t like the default space allocation in Vista for Restore Points, you can change the maximum space Vista will use for Restore Points (or Shadow Copy Storage as Microsoft call it). This will help you manage your disk space efficiently, preventing large parts to be used up for backup and restore operations.