How to Remove Restore Points in Vista

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On Vista computers with limited disk space, you might want to free up as much space as you can. Running the Disk Cleanup function can help remove all temporary files and free up some disk space. But one option most people do not use is the option to remove old restore points, keeping only the […]

Secure Uninstaller Review

When you uninstall software in Windows, you want it to be removed completely. No files, folders or registry settings should remain. Unfortunately not all software uninstalls that neatly. So if you want to make sure a program is uninstalled safely, but thoroughly, consider a 3rd party tool like SecureUninstaller. We took a close look at it.

All My Books Collection Software Updated

Bolide Software just recently updated their All My Books software. All My Books was already a great program to maintain your book collection, so keen book readers might already know and use the program to keep track of their collection. But since a lot of people are now also buying eBooks, and audio books, the […]

How to Fix Installer Error 1619

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The Windows Installer is used by many software vendors other than Microsoft. In some cases they installer can result in an error while trying to install a software product. One possible error is installer error 1619, with the message “This installation package could not be opened. Verify that the package exists and that you can […]

How to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

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We all want our computer to be as fast as possible, but when you run a laptop at maximum speed, the power consumption will also be high. Not a problem when the external power supply is used, but if you are running on battery, you probably want to make it last as long as possible. Here are some ideas on how to maximize laptop battery life.

How to Maximize Hard Disk Performance

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Hard disks in computers have become quite large, and in general quite fast. Together with computer memory (RAM), hard disk speed has a big impact on the overall computer performance. This is especially true in modern Windows version, where virtual memory, or page files, are an important method to increase the memory capabilities. In some […]