Send Files Safely Using Encryption

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Sending email attachments is common practice for most people. But do you consider the document content when sending an email attachment? Personal or sensitive information should not be accessible to strangers. So take no risks and encrypt your documents before you share them with anyone through a public connection.

Free Up Hard Disk Space Effectively

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PC cleanup is a necessary evil. It takes time that you probably rather spend doing fun things, but if you don’t want you computer to become slow, some maintenance is required. Freeing up some disk space can be very helpful, so quickly locate the largest files on your disk and delete what is not required.

Don’t store your backups in the fire safe!

We all know that regularly backing up our data is important, but we still sometimes make mistakes when it comes to implementing a safe daily backup routine. And one of the most common mistakes is keeping backup copies on-site. If a thief should ever break into your office, they’re very likely to steal the backups […]

How to Get Rid of Facebook Password Reset SPAM Email

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If you’ve been receiving the Facebook Password Reset Confirmation phishing email lately then you know the darn thing keeps popping up all the time. It can be tiring to keep on deleting them everyday so why not stop receiving them for good? Here’s how…

Add Support for the Open Document Format to MS Office 2007

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More and more people are using OpenOffice as an alternative for the Microsoft Office Suite. is a free software suite with a text processing and a spreadsheet program similar to Word and Excel. OpenOffice is used a lot by Linux users, but even on Windows it can be installed as an alternative to MS […]

Solved: DirectCD Bad Driver Error from Roxio

Here’s the problem: each time you turn on your PC, an error message appears stating that Windows is encountering a DirectCD bad driver and then gives a Roxio address. DirectCD Bad Driver Error from Roxio Solutions Solution #1. This is very likely a virtual device driver from Roxio, and not a real hardware device driver. […]