DriverFinder Review

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Finding, downloading an updating Windows drivers is often required and advisable in XP, Vista and Windows 7. If you are a little technical, you can find and download the drivers on the manufacturer’s websites. But if you need help, a driver update program, like DriverFinder, can be of great help.

How to Make a Chart Out of Your Data in Microsoft Excel

This video tutorial is for MS Excel users who would like to create charts in their Excel files. It’s one way of adding an illustrative presentation of your data in Excel for better presentation and reporting purposes.

How to Fix Unknown Device Problems

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Windows 7 and 8 support more devices than Vista, and Windows Vista supports more devices than Windows XP. But still it is very possible to end up with unknown devices in any Windows version. In most cases it simply means that the device driver is missing and needs to be installed. Easy… if you can find it!

Creating Email Signatures in Microsoft Outlook

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This video explains how users can create and customized their own email signature in MS Outlook to prevent repetitive typing of the same information at the end of each email. This is a very useful tip and will save you a lot of time and effort.

Black Friday Winners: Wal-Mart and Amazon

The winners are in from comScore for online shopping this past Black Friday… and the winners go to…

How to Put a Password in Microsoft Office

This video tutorial shows how users can easily add a password to their files in Word, Excel or in Powerpoint. This is a helpful tip in making sure you have secured your MS Office from unauthorized users.