Troubleshooting Runtime Error 339

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Run time errors are the most common errors in the Windows computing environment. There are currently hundreds of these errors that affect PC users all throughout the world. Runtime error 339 is one of many annoyances you might encounter over time, an error that often occurs naturally as a Windows-based computer starts to age.

What Causes Runtime Error 339?

Runtime error 339 is a hiccup that usually stirs up trouble when an .OCX file is missing from a software application you are trying to install on your computer. The error doesn’t necessarily show up with the installation, but when you attempt to work around the application and utilize its functions.

Like most run time errors, this one generally occurs when a link in the sequence of processes that enables the program to launch is missing, interrupted or corrupted. The value in theses sequences consist of numerous data files and system files that are required to ensure the integrity of the application launch. In order for the launch to be successful, all processes involved must work together in perfect harmony. These instances describe runtime, processes that move from one stage to the next. Though each performs their own functions, these processes are dependent on one another, and when they can’t execute each step, you might get bombarded with an error like runtime 339.

Think of a run time error like a blown tire on your car or even a small fuse inside of the vehicle. When something of this nature occurs, you will experience minor issues that can be easily resolved and get you back on the road. Since a computer is much more intricate and complex than the average vehicle, there are literally hundreds of probable combinations of missing files, corrupt data and other problems that can affect the runtime process. The good thing is that the number of possible causes of the problem results in many different ways to solve run time errors.

Addressing Runtime Error 339

When it comes to runtime error 339, the first step you should take is checking the integrity of the files associated with the application you are trying to install. You should find out if the program requires a specific set of system and control files in order to function properly. Missing or corrupt Java files and Active X objects are often the reason why a particular program refuses to launch. You may also want to check the Windows registry, as files from failed installations, null values and abandoned keys have been known to generate run time errors.

How to Keep Runtime Error 339 at Bay

The registry is a sensitive area on your computer. If do not feel comfortable making changes within this area, it is advisable to install a reliable registry cleaner on your computer. A good program will ensure the integrity of your applications, as well as the command lines Windows references to enable a seamless program launch. Manual integrity checking and the use of a registry cleaner are two simple solutions that can help resolve runtime error 339 along with several other problems Windows might bring your way.

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3 Comments to “Troubleshooting Runtime Error 339”

  1. Joel says:

    I’m working with a program called PHP Form Wizard ( and after entering data into the program, when I click to execute the program, the following error message appears:
    Run-time error ‘339’
    Component ‘SCGrid.ocx’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.
    Note: Among other thigns, I have used RegCure to try to solve the problem, but nothing is working and the software vendor says it is a problem with Windows 7.
    I am running Windows 7 Home Premium.
    I’d appreciate your help. Thanks

  2. susjoy says:

    Almost all Google searches for eradicating runtime error 339 lead to vendors who have to sell their SO CALLED FREE softwares. You install these softwares which initially lure that they will do the fixing of runtime error 339 for free. When you run their programmes, they then unabashedly claim that the problem can be set right if you register the software by paying money.
    I solved the problem completely by downloading the OCX files from the internet, If anyone faces the problem of runtime error 339, he should carefully read the flashed error message. The message mentions the missing files with extentions as OCX. You just download these files from interned, double click them, and they will beartifully get installed in their appropriate directory.

  3. Jules says:

    @Joel – Did you try downloading and installing the grid control already?

    @susjoy – Thanks for your feedback. Your suggestion is very valid, in most cases you simply need to find and install the right OCX control and (re)install it.
    In some cases a registry cleaner can still help as all information regarding installed OCX controlls is kept in the registry. If there is a problem with that information, cleaning it out can help.
    And in addition to your suggestion, make sure you install the OCX control with admin level authorization to prevent problems.


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