How to Fix Runtime Error 13

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Run time errors are a common occurrence for those who use Microsoft’s Visual Basic software. These errors mainly happen because of conflicts between the actual program and the underlying operating system. Runtime error 13 is one that often occurs, an error that can result when a user runs various programs that utilize the Visual Basic environment as a part of their launch matrix. These programs can range from anti-virus software to financial applications, all of which can rely on the VB environment in some form or another. Resolving runtime error 13 is similar to fixing other run time errors – properly identifying and addressing the issue.

What Causes Runtime Error 13?

Runtime error 13 generally occurs when there is a problem with the sequential order of system components required to launch a specific software application. For instance, when launching a video game on Windows, the operating system needs to load the appropriate system files, data files and several others before its shell can be launched. In most cases, these files run in sequence, so when files are missing, corrupt or experience other conflicts, problems will arise and runtime error 13 will rear its ugly head. When the VB environment is involved, it is usually a combination of system errors and conflicts.

Troubleshooting Runtime Error 13

To troubleshoot runtime error 13, you must first identify the files that are generating the error. You can start by checking with the software vendor to see if there are any reported conflicts. They will typically provide instructions on how to avoid such conflicts and offer software patches that can be installed to solve the issue. This is a method commonly used to fix many different run time errors. Another option you have is to reinstall the application, as a bad installation could be the root of your problems. This is especially true when VB and Windows need critical files to run a certain program. Reinstallation is the easiest way to get rid of the runtime error 13.

If the recommendation above does not fix your run time errors, you may want to install a registry cleaner on your computer. This type of software can eliminate conflicts and troubleshoot other issues as well. A simple key in the registry can give you a runtime error 13 and an efficient cleaner has the ability to dig deep and detect the problem within minutes.

In a worst case scenario, there may be a malicious program, such as Trojan or virus, unknowingly running on your system. These sneaky infections have been known to generate run time errors by modifying random files in the Visual Basic environment. To prevent this security risk, we recommend installing a good anti-virus program to seek out any pesky Trojans or viruses that may be hiding out in your system memory.

Overcoming Runtime Error 13

Troubleshooting runtime error 13 isn’t all that difficult. This annoyance shares common attributes with other run time errors, and therefore, can be resolved in similar ways. After pinpointing and weeding out the problem, this error should no longer be an annoyance.

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