How to Solve Runtime Error 70

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Whether you are working on a Microsoft Office application or browsing with Internet Explorer, run time errors are bound to show up and slow down the process. These constant interruptions can be very frustrating and they definitely impact the overall performance of your computer. Your programs might start to act up, refusing to function properly or even launch at all. Your system may drag and eventually crash if the problem is not addressed in a timely fashion. These are the symptoms of runtime error 70. Run time errors give many Windows users the blues, yet there is a simple solution – repair your registry.

Tackling Runtime Error 70 from the Registry

There are a number of problems that cause run time errors and all give indication by flashing an error message on your screen. Runtime error 70 is one that often pops up when you are working in the Microsoft Visual Basic application, usually accompanied by a message that reads: “Runtime error 70: Permission denied”. Like most of these types of errors, this one is typically rooted to the system registry. The registry on your computer is a database that contains critical information about the operating system, user settings, hardware devices and software applications.

Each time you make a command with your keyboard or mouse, print out a document or even view a simple website, your computer references the data stored in the registry. Every time you install a new program, add a new device or download files from the internet, the registry is changing and being filled with more information.

The importance and sensitivity of the registry is what ultimately leads to run time errors. The entries it contains often become duplicated, end up missing or corrupted. Over time it becomes unorganized and crowded as the entries start to take up valuable space.

Although runtime error 70 begins in Visual Basic, it could also lead to issues that affect your other applications as well. Just as you have to clean and reorganize the refrigerator from time to time, the registry on your computer needs a thoroughly cleansing every now and then.

How to Effectively Combat Run-Time Error 70

There is a tool built into the Windows system that allows you to open up the registry and remove those troublesome entries causing run time errors. However, such tampering is not recommended for users who are not familiar with this area. Removing the wrong files could result in a situation where your computer programs and devices end up non-functional. You can clean up your registry in confidence by using a reliable registry cleaner. There are programs on the market that use advanced scanning technology to seek out and automatically remove items causing havoc in the registry. This is the easiest and safest way to get rid of runtime error 70 and optimize the performance of your PC.


On first glance, runtime error 70 can be alarming but combating it is not a difficult task. The key is knowing how to identify it and most importantly, acting fast to solve it. The worst thing you can do with any run time error is ignore it and simply hope it will go away.

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