Troubleshooting Runtime Error 53

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Many computer users go into a panic when encountering the dreaded runtime error 53. Before you think your system has been hit with a nasty computer infection, know that most run time errors are not the result of viruses or other malicious software. They can however, be a terrible nuisance which prevents you from getting the most out of your computer programs. This article will shed a little more light on runtime error 53 and offer tips for resolving the error.

What Causes Runtime Error 53?

Like all runtime errors, runtime error 53 is accompanied by a pop up window with an error message. This one reads: “Runtime error 53: file not found (filename)”. The missing file is usually a Dynamic Link Library or DLL file that cannot be found in its designated search path. DLL files are needed to help your applications perform critical functions. This error often occurs when first running a new program following the initial installation. When two or more of your DLL files are missing or corrupt, the program will not be able to run and you will receive a runtime error. Though it can be a tremendous annoyance, getting to the root of this issue is not a difficult task.

Getting to the Bottom of Runtime Error 53

As with most run time errors, the best place to start troubleshooting this one is by uninstalling the new software. After the uninstallation is complete, you can then attempt to reinstall the program. In many cases, a fresh installation is it all takes to solve your problems. If you are still bombarded with runtime error 53 after reinstalling the application, there could be other problems that need to be addressed.

Other common causes of run time error 53 involve issues of conflict and incompatibility. For this we recommend gathering more information on the software in question to find out if it is compatible with your operating system and computer hardware. You can start by checking one of the many forums online. These small communities make a great form of support for popular software applications. If you cannot find any information there, visit the vendor’s website to learn if they know of any incompatibility issues or have updates or patches that could fix the problem. It would also be a wise move to check the status of your device drivers as they have been known to generate run time errors when they become outdated.


Computers errors are a real annoyance when considering that they often halt the progress of your work. Getting down to the bottom of runtime error 53 can be a drudging task but it is not impossible. Run time errors are a frequent occurrence on the Windows system and there are several ways to go about tackling them. Your first move should always be to remove any new applications you recently installed followed up with compatibility checks and getting the proper updates. Though preventing such issues is next to impossible, you can address them quickly by knowing how to identify them and most importantly, learning how to get them out of your way.

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