Troubleshooting Runtime Error 6

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Almost every PC user has experienced run time errors at one time or another. One you might be familiar with is the infamous runtime error 6. While this particular error is often related to a Microsoft Visual Basic application and Access database, it can also be due to a malware infection, lack of memory and conflict with programs running on your computer. In the case of runtime error 6, the first step in resolving the issue is determining the exact cause of the problem.

Why Does Runtime Error 6 Occur?

When runtime error 6 is related to a specific software application, it is often due to flaws that occurred during development or bad installations. To find out if this is the cause, the first move you should make is uninstalling and then reinstalling the program. If this does not solve the problem, your software may require an update. Check with the vendor to see if there are any patches or updates available for download. In many instances, an update will contain fixes capable of solving the run time error you are experiencing.

As we mentioned above, runtime error 6 can also be the result of a malware infection. Malware consists of malicious software programs such as viruses, Trojans and spyware. Many of these applications have the ability to modify or delete critical system files on your computer. Because the current prevalence of the internet makes it so much easier to catch an infection, it is advisable to keep your PC protected with an anti-malware solution. This software should be run on a regular basis and frequently updated to defend against the latest threats. If your run time error was caused by a malicious program, a reliable malware scanner should be able to detect and eradicate it.

Another instance that may cause runtime error 6 is the lack of system memory. This is a hardware issue that can often be solved by reducing the amount of applications you have running on your PC. If you have too many programs going at once, they will compete amongst one another for memory, causing your PC to lag and resulting in the crashing of applications or the system itself.

If limiting application usage doesn’t eliminate the run time error, you may want to consider adding extra memory on your computer. As software applications get more advanced, the amount of RAM they demand increases significantly. Sometimes it can also help to simply increase the Windows virtual memory (paging file).

Runtime Error 6 and the Registry

Like most run time errors, the one mentioned in this article could also be the direct result of problems in the Windows registry, issues that naturally occur over time. This sensitive area undergoes changes every time you add new files or install new software, often leading to error messages, program freezing and crashing. Almost always, a good registry cleaning program will help you clean up the mess.


These are just of few of many issues that cause runtime error 6. If you are not having any luck troubleshooting the issue, contact the software developer for technical support. If their application is at the root of the problem, they should be able to provide recommendations for dealing with it.

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