How to Repair a Damaged Hard Drive

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Has your hard drive conked out on you? Does it create that usually clicking sound when you boot it up? It could be that your hard drive has a defective circuit board. This video tutorial shows you rudimentary procedures on fixing defective hard drives.


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  1. David Ahn says:

    This is awesome news. It makes sense that a bad PCB would make the drive not appear in your BIOS. The bad news is my clicking Raptor 150GB’s savior, doesn’t have the PCB for it, and a whole hard drive is $200 for a REFURB. I just bought a Velociraptor 300GB for $229; I think newegg has it for even less: $229 – $30 rebate. I guess if it works, it’s still way cheaper than a recovery place.

  2. Kyle says:

    @David Ahn – A new hard disk is often cheaper these days indeed. Replacing the PCB makes sense if the disk itself is still good and has valuable data on it (and you don’t have a backup).

  3. David Ahn says:

    Just called, and they don’t have the Raptor 150 PCB I need. I will be buying a whole new drive for more than the cost of the PCB only, but hopefully the good PCB from the new drive will let me recover my data, then I can put it back on the new drive and dump the old drive.

    Thanks again for this find, Kyle!!! I’ll check in if it worked.

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