How to Restore the Windows Registry

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Similar to the backup of the registry, there are different ways to restore the registry. How the backup was made obviously influences the restore method.

Importing a .reg file that was made by exporting the registry from the Windows registry editor is one option. The big advantage with this method is that you do not need to backup and restore the complete registry, but you can select any folder within the registry that you want to export or import. Open the Windows registry editor, and in the File menu select Import. Next, select the .reg file you want to import and click the Open button.

If you are using system restore points to make registry backups, you follow the same steps as for the backup, but instead of the Create button, you now select the System Restore button. Select the restore point you want to restore and that’s it.

System Restore in Windows Vista

With a third party program, you need to follow the instructions that go with the program. In the backup example with ERUNT, it is simply a matter of executing the EXE file in the backup folder.

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