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How to Completely Uninstall Limewire from Your PC

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Uninstall LimewireMany PC users want to uninstall Limewire because of the adware component it has. Adware is advertising-supported software that basically downloads and displays ads to users.

Limewire is a client for peer-to-peer file sharing, and it is Java based. It uses the Gnutella network and is classified as freeware, or free software. The GNU General Public License releases the software program to the public at no cost.

The problem comes in because Limewire is packaged with some adware programs to display ads on the screen of the system. These adware programs include BonziBuddy and LimeShop, among others, and also monitor the buying activity you do from your PC.

How to Uninstall Limewire Using Windows’ Add/Remove Feature

The Add and Remove Programs function of Windows is one way that Limewire can be uninstalled or removed from your computer. Go to the Start menu, then choose the Control Panel option. Click Add or Remove Programs. Once the installed programs list appears, look through the programs and choose Limewire and then click on the Change/Remove option to start the removal process. Instructions will appear leading through the removal process step by step, until the program is deleted. Once Limewire is removed from the system, restart your PC to complete the process.

Uninstall limewire

Even after you uninstall Limewire this way, there might be some files left on your PC. Check the Program Files folder in your system drive to see if there is a folder called Limewire. An example of this folder’s contents is shown below:

Delete limewire program files manually

Simply select the folder in the Windows Explorer and press Shift+Delete to remove it permanently.

Why Limewire May Not Be Showing on the Windows Programs List

Older versions of Limewire did not create an entry in the Add or Remove Programs list because these versions operated independently. The removal of these Limewire versions requires a little more work.

Go to the Start menu and choose the search option. Type LimeWire and then choose the option All or part of the file name. Hit the Search button. Select all the results that appear, right-click them and then choose Delete to permanently remove them.

How to Delete the Limewire Folder from Your System

Open up the Limewire folder on the system, and then open up the folder named Uninstaller Data. Now look for a file which has the word uninstall included in the name, such as Uninstall LimeWire. Double-click on the found file. This will start the uninstall program. Instructions displayed on the screen will walk you through the process of removing Limewire from your system.

How to Uninstall Limewire Using SecureUninstaller

  1. Download SecureUninstaller and install it on your PC.
  2. Open SecureUninstaller; it will present a list of applications installed on your PC.
  3. Locate and select Limewire and then click Uninstall. SecureUninstaller will completely remove Limewire and all its related components scattered throughout your PC (including entries in the Windows registry).

How to Uninstall Limeshop (i.e., Limewire Adware)

Limeshop is an adware program downloaded and installed along with Limewire. Removing Limewire does not remove Limeshop from the system, and this program may or may not show up in the Add or Remove Programs list. If it does then use this program to remove Limeshop.

If Limeshop doesn’t show in the program list, make sure that Limewire is closed. Open Windows Explorer and go to the file named Program Files. Find and right-click on the file named Limeshop, and then choose the Delete option. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

How to Delete Other Adware Programs Associated With Limewire

Limewire is bundled with several adware programs, and a quality anti spyware program and anti virus program is needed to remove and delete many of these malware infections. These protective programs scan and identify malware infections that are on the system, possibly causing problems and creating havoc. A scan should be run using these tools daily, to protect your computer and keep it running efficiently.


28 Comments to “How to Completely Uninstall Limewire from Your PC”

  1. Joyce Cooper says:

    I had a version of LimeWire on my pc. Never a problem. However when my 16 yr old grandson and his 18 yr old friend who stayed with us 1 month got into it, something went very wrong. He tried to re-install LimeWire apparently. All day to day I have been trying to re-install LimeWire, please note I am on dial up at my new palce in the country, no high speed anything here but the highway traffic.

    Everytime I attempted to install each of the subsequent downloads, it would halt me and say that the file was corrupt. So, thinking maybe the newest version doesnt play well with dial up (had that problem with re-loading my Realarcade) I went looking for an older version. Can’t remember which I had, but now thinking it was 4.1. I am at this momnet downloading 386????? I did not find it on the add/remove function either. I had gone to the search function as you state above but did not know how to delete from there. Wish I had found this page from you earlier. I did however go into my C drive and delete from there any LimeWire I found. Restatred pc, re-loaded and bingo same corrupt file. So waiting on this veryyyy sssslllllooowwwww dial up to complete this older version. If still corrupt, I will recheck the search function and see what is thereas you suggest. Any other suggestions? I have gotten more info here that AT LimeWIre and even chatted with a rep. Did not understand a thing I typed. Course thay wanted to sell me something. Thx

  2. Jules says:

    @Joyce – At least make sure your download is valid. Try to clean up your browser’s download location, so there is no ‘old’ information or version of the limewire download file.
    Alternately, select a different location to save the limewire download.

    After that the downloaded file should be fine. If it still gives problems, try to clean up your system properly before re-installing (disk cleanup, registry cleanup, browser cleanup, run antivirus and antispyware).


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  4. dayyum says:

    dayyum limewires sick girls so dastyyyyum

  5. Dexter says:

    The advice given does not work! I’m using XP and:
    1. LimeWire does not appear under “Add/Remove Programs”
    2. There is no “Uninstaller Data” folder in the Limewire folder
    3. Perfect Installer does not recognize Lime Wire!
    4. Merely deleting Lime Wire folders and files is not a solution as the program reinstalls itself

    Please provide a working solution!

  6. Dean says:

    The instructions you have given don’t seem to work.!
    I have windows XP and:
    1. LimeWire does not appear under “Add/Remove Programs”
    2. There is no “Uninstaller Data” folder in the Limewire folder
    3. Perfect Installer does pick up Lime Wire.
    4. I’m worried that deleting Lime Wire folders & files is not a suitable solution.

  7. Shiron says:

    All I want to do is uninstall Limewire from my computer and thats all instead of taking me through all these changes and questions first. I had to have it taken to the computer shop and deleted once before and its back somebody please help me.

  8. Jules says:

    @Shiron – If you remove Limewire using the add/remove programs group and delete the Limewire folder in the Program Files folder, it should not come back.
    If you want, you can also try running a registry cleaner after that and remove anything related to Limewire.


  9. Kelsey says:

    is i possible to uninstall limewire but keep my downloads?
    i don’t really want to re download every thing.

  10. Kim Fajardo says:

    My daughter installed limewire onto my computer and now I cannot uninstall it because it is not an uninstall place.Could you please tell me how to get it uninstalled

  11. Jules says:

    @Kelsey – Limewire by default downloads your files to C:\Documents and Settings\\My Documents\LimeWire\Saved (replace with your Windows login name)
    This location should not be deleted when you uninstall Limewire. But in any case, you can copy or move the downloaded files from there to keep them.

    @Kim Fajardo – You mean it does not show up in the Add/Remove Programs list in the Control Panel?
    One thing you can try is to see if the “uninstall.exe” file is still present in the C:\Program Files\LimeWire folder. If so, execute that by double-clicking it.
    If not then you can try simply deleting the LimeWire folder altogether form the Program Files folder. I do suggest also running a registry cleaner after that to clena up any LimeWire remnants in the Windows registry.

  12. Sam Gillan says:

    Hi, i want to delete limewire but when i go on add or remove programmes like the website advised.. the limewire file doesnt appear to be anywhere? Im not very good on computers so please someone help and put it in simple terms! :)

  13. ollie browning says:

    thanks this helped lots

  14. B.T. says:

    I have XP. Have gone through all of the fore-mentioned steps: Completed search of “My Computer” until reads “Search complete, no results…/ Cleaned all “remnants” of LimeWire through “regedit” until it read “Finished searching through registry”, and tried to delete all findings from Recycle Bin…except this dreaded “Cannot delete Dc7: Access is denied. Make sure that disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.”
    Now I can only assume that it is related to LimeWire in some way. I have tried sending other files to the Bin, and they would delete, except the “Dc7”, but then the “Dc7” would take on the name of that file when you see “Are you sure you want to delete…(name of old file, now assumed by Dc7)”, and still gives the same “Cannot delete Dc7: Access…” every time.

    This is the most irritating thing I have ever experienced. I have spent the last 6hrs trying to figure this out, read blogs, try different solutions…just want it straight, do you know how to fix this or not, or at last find the answer somewhere?

  15. Jules says:

    @B.T. – Access denied errors when deleting file can only happen for 2 reasons, user level privileges or the file is in use.
    So make sure you use an administrator account to do the cleanup.
    File-in-use issues mean there is a program or service accessing the file. Either check the Task Manager to kill the process that is using it, or try starting in Safe Mode and then do the cleanup.

  16. B.T. says:

    Way ahead of you…should have mentioned that stuff upfront. I am the administrator and cannot find anything in the Task Manager by that name or with high, out-of-the-ordinary CPU usage. I even tried to search “My Computer>All files & Folders” & “regedit” for “Dc7” and nothing…yet there it sits in my Recycle Bin..? ANy other ideas?

  17. Jules says:

    @B.T. – You have tried using “cacls” at the command prompt to change the ACL for the file? E.g. “cacls c:\recycler /t /e /g Administrators:f”. After that delete the trash can folder with “rd /s /q/ c:\recycler”.

  18. Andrew says:

    Here is my problem. I have Limewire installed on my computer,under the Add/Remove programs thing it is listed as Limewire Toolbar. When I try to remove it, a message pops up saying to turn off any internet browsers before uninstalling. I do not have any internet browsers open, nor any email programs running. Any ideas/solutions please?

  19. Jules says:

    @Andrew – Did you try starting in Safe Mode and then run the uninstall limewire option using the Add/Remove option in the Control Panel?
    In Safe Mode only a minimal number of services and processes run, and the internet is not active, so there should be no ‘locking’ of any limewire files.

  20. joseph says:

    every time i install lime wire it says error pleas un install it and try it agine how do i realy do it the right way and wat other programs do i need for it to work right

  21. joe says:

    I go to control panel and try to remove limewire toolbar but I cant, I press remove and it won,t work

  22. Caroline says:

    I’ve been trying to uninstall Limewire for a while, but the problem is that the uninstall program is in a weird language I don’t understand!So it’s impossible to know whitch buttons to press so the uninstall process is done right! Has anyone else experienced this? How can I get the uninstall function in english when I don’t want to download it again, and Limewire now is closed????

  23. Ane says:

    I’ve got the same problem! I try to uninstall but it pops up in a weird language. don’t know what to do

  24. Collette says:

    I have the same problem. Talked to my friend and he said that we have a virus and we need to remove it another way. Can anyone help with this?

  25. Jues says:

    @joseph / joe / Caroline / Ane / Collette – One option that is always available is to simply delete the limewire program folder on the hard disk, and then run a registry cleaner to remove the limewire remnants from the Windows registry.
    You might need to start in Safe Mode (F8) to be able to delete all files in the limewire program folder.

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