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How to Delete Yahoo Messenger from Your PC

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Yahoo Messenger is one of the most commonly used and most popular instant messaging clients. It allows users to send and receive messages in real time. To use Yahoo Messenger, the user must have a Yahoo ID, which is then used to log into Yahoo Messenger.

As helpful as it is, some users find that it becomes necessary to uninstall Yahoo Messenger for various reasons such as the following.

  • You’re experiencing login issues.
  • You’re current Yahoo Messenger version it not allowing you to upgrade to the latest version.
  • You upgraded to the latest version but it keeps hanging/crashing so you want to uninstall it and revert to the old version.

How to Remove Yahoo Messenger from Your Computer

To uninstall Yahoo Messenger, first log out and then exit out of the program. Go to the Start menu, then choose Control Panel. Now choose the Add or Remove Programs option and wait while the installed program list is compiled. Look through the list and find Yahoo Messenger. Now choose the Remove option. A new dialog box will open, and click Finish in this box.

Restart the system if it does not automatically do so. Now go to the Yahoo folder found under Program Files (usually, C:\Program Files\Yahoo) and delete this folder. All saved archives will also be deleted.

Go to the Start menu, click Run. Type regedit.exe and then click Ok to open the Registry Editor. In the editor window, go to the registry entry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\, delete Yahoo, and then exit the Registry Editor.

Warning! Make no mistake about it; there ARE risks involved with manually editing the Windows registry. However, if you don’t remove registry entries associated with Yahoo Messenger, these may cause problems later such as the following.

  • You won’t be able to install a new version of Yahoo Messenger (or revert to an old one).
  • If you’re able to install another version after uninstalling Yahoo Messenger, some features may not be available to you.
  • When you use certain features of Yahoo Messenger, it causes the IM client to hang.

Note too that not all problems resulting from not removing Yahoo Messenger components scattered through your system present themselves via Yahoo Messenger. For instance, the messenger may be working just fine but your PC is starting to slow down, thanks in part to all those obsolete and orphan registry keys left behind by your previous Yahoo Messenger un-installation.

To solve these issues, try going for 3rd party uninstallers. Most have been specifically designed to not only delete unwanted software from your PC but to search and remove each and every component related to the unwanted software on your system.


16 Comments to “How to Delete Yahoo Messenger from Your PC”

  1. andar909 says:

    hi, andar here, i just read your post. i like very much. agree to you, sir.

  2. mohamed hendawi says:

    How to Delete Yahoo Messenger from Your PC”

  3. john F says:

    uninstall YM does not work – a box pops up to say it can’t find INSTALL.LOG

  4. E Kashif says:

    uninstall YM does not work – a box pops up to say it can’t find INSTALL.LOG

  5. Jules says:

    @John F & E Kashif – If the uninstall.log is missing, the standard uninstaller will not work. You can try a third party uninstaller, like Perfect Uninstaller.

    One other thing you can try is to install Yahoo messenger again. If that works, you might be able to uninstall it as described in the article.


  6. maricel says:

    how to delete this yahoo messenger account! pls help me coz this YM ACCOUNT THERS A LOT OF HACKERS HERE



    MY yahoo messneger account is pls help me to delete this account coz thers a lot of hackers here pls just send me an email how to delete this

  8. Jules says:

    @Maricel – You can delete your Yahoo account from Yahoo itself, simply log in and delete it. Pls. look at

    Do keep in mind that this will completely remove your Yahoo account!


  9. siddhesh says:

    i uninstall yahoo messenger then i delete it from C drive programs then i removed registry of it and i try to install yahoo it comes to17% then reboot the system plz help me out

  10. Jules says:

    @siddhesh – First I’d suggest you run a virus and spyware scan, because installing Yahoo messenger should not reboot your PC.
    Also try downloading the installation file before you install it, do not install/run it directly from the download location.


  11. siddesh says:

    hi i scan my computer there is no virus and spyware still it happend reboot i have two setup of yahoo messanger even if i change path of installation it still reboot

  12. Mae Jewell says:

    yes, I have a question for some one else about Yahoo.messenger install my sister in law tried to install it and it it doesn’t come up on any icon but the computer got slower so was trying to uninstall but under the programs to add or remove on the computer it doesn’t show up, but when she goes on the internet it comes on My Yahoo. Internet Explorer as they put My yahoo. in but no icon for that either comes up on the computer they have Windows XP would like some help on the problem, Thank You

  13. Mae says:

    yes, I just sent a message please e-mail me comments Thanks Mae

  14. marie mooney says:

    I am having problems with an employee. I want her to have access to her yahoo account. I just would like for the instant messenger to be deleted to avoid chating & instant messanging. Can you help me?

  15. Jules says:

    @marie mooney – You can of course uninstall the YM from her computer, but she can just download and install it again if she has Internet access.
    Using the Group Policy Editor in Windows, you can prevent the application from installing and/or running, but if you do that locally on her PC, she can circumvent that as well if she knows how to. The best option is to use the Group Policy Editor on a domain level, if her PC is part of a domain server in Windows.

  16. Carol says:

    i want to remove my yahoo messager but i cant remove box say it INSTALL LOG FILE.

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