Already Installed Vista SP1?

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Vista SP1After much delay Microsoft finally released Vista SP1 in March. Vista Service Pack 1 claims to improve the stability, performance and security of Windows Vista. Better support for new hardware is just one of the improvements made. The performance improvements are mainly related to better network and file handling in SP1. More details are provide on the Microsoft website.

So all in all, SP1 addressed quite a few of the problems that Vista users were complaining about with the first Vista release. But does that mean everything is fine? Apparently not, even post SP1 there were still complaints from many users. Some old, some new, but quite a few issues are related to the uptime of Vista in combination with running large applications.

Although most complaints relate to Microsoft Office applications, I personally have issues with Vista SP1 and FireFox. Especially after running both Vista and FireFox for a long time. Memory use spikes and performance degrades. A simple restarting of FireFox does help, but is not the perfect solution.

As expected, Microsoft released an update to fix these new issues. Many users have computers running for longer periods of time, and especially in a business environment you would want to be able to use Office applications. One of your next Vista updates should automatically install the update, but you can visit the Microsoft website to get it now.

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