Amazon Creates Own Cloud Delivery Network

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According to ars technica this morning, Amazon will take on Akamai and other like companies with its very own content delivery system. According to their report, Amazon’s service will be “available by year-end, [and] the new system will provide high-bandwidth, low-latency data distribution across the globe. The new service will rival Akamai, Limelight, and CDNetworks, the dominant players in the $1bn a year content delivery market.”

Amazon already has existing cloud delivery networks that have proven very successful in the past so this shouldn’t be a concern for any Amazon user. What is cloud delivery technology? “The central premise of these efforts is that location doesn’t matter; the cloud services are accessed over the Internet, and so the computers they are served from could be located one mile way or a thousand miles for all the difference it makes to cloud applications,” states ars technica.

Content delivery networks, by definition, are a system of computers networked together across the internet that cooperate transparently to deliver content most often for the purpose of improving performance and cost efficiency.

Time will tell if Amazon is successful in this venture but overall this is a good thing for PC users who appreciate cloud delivery networks and what that can do for the overall PC user.


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