Another Blow to Windows Vista

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Windows Vista logoRumors having been swirling the net that PC makers such as HP and Dell have been selling their PCs with Microsoft Windows Vista but then allowing users to downgrade “outlawed” copies of Windows XP. The issue at hand is the sales of Windows Vista has significantly been inflated, according to Info World.

Because analysts do not see Dell and HP’s sales data, Info World decided to use the Windows Sentinel Monitoring Tool which in essence allows Info World  “to identify newer systems that have traditionally shipped with Windows Vista installed. Then, by looking at the OS that’s actually running on these systems when they upload their records, we can determine whether the machine has been “downgraded” to XP or, better still, formatted-over with something even more exotic, like Windows Server 2003 or 2008.”

After Info World researched their findings, they claim that more than a third of customers have dumped Windows Vista for another operating system (likely the XP OS) which now proves over and over that Microsoft’s Vista is a huge risk that should not have been taken.

Reports also came out over the weekend that Microsoft plans on “unveiling” snippets of their much hoped for new OS, Windows 7, in the next month or two.


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  1. Hi: Just downloaded your Uninstall program, will try latter.

    I bought a HP tx2000z tablet, which came with VISTA Home Premium 64-bit. Virtually nothing runs on it. (Most important older DOS programs I wrote and MUCH prefer for serious work. It appears all .COM programs simply get a message to contact the vendor.) A friend got the exact same computer but it was shiped with the 32-bit version–he tells me he can run them fine.

    HP will not let me downgrade to even VISTA 32-bit.
    More details are at: where there is a link with my problems even trying to use Garmin’s Map update DVD.

    You have an impressive web site, which I just found.
    Cheers, LaFarr

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