Apple Rocks and Microsoft Whispers

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In all the craziness that is known as an Apple event yesterday (“Let’s Rock”), many didn’t hear that Microsoft had a bit of news of their own regarding their Microsoft Zune.

According to, “Microsoft plans to roll out a software upgrade that will allow Zune owners to download and stream music over a Wi-Fi connection, and tag and purchase songs from the built-in FM radio tuner.” Like the new iTunes 8 that was released yesterday, the Zune promises to allow users a better choice of options and preference when it comes to listening to their favorite artists and songs.

“Another discovery tool Microsoft plans to offer Zune Pass subscribers is a roster of channels, offering content such as songs from the Billboard Top 100 or workout-themed music,” the report states. These new software upgrades are planned to be released on September 16th.

Apple also announced bigger storage in their iPods and Microsoft’s Zune is stating the same change. The new Zune models will hold 16 gigs and 120 gigs for $199 and $249.99 respectively.


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