Attack Code Surfaces for Critical Microsoft Bug

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According to PC Magazine, “just hours after Microsoft posted details of a critical Windows bug, new attack code that exploits the flaw has surfaced.” It took developers of this attack code just two hours to write their exploit after Microsoft released their patch on Thursday morning.

According to the article, “Microsoft took the unusual step of rushing out an emergency patch for the flaw Thursday, two weeks after noticing a small number of targeted attacks that exploited the bug. The vulnerability was not publicly known before Thursday; however, by issuing its patch, Microsoft has given hackers and security researchers enough information to develop their own attack code.”

So what does this mean for our PC Authorities’ users?  “While Microsoft has warned that this flaw could be used to build a computer worm, Alberts said that it is unlikely that such a worm, if created, would spread very far. That’s because most networks would block this type of attack at the firewall,” Microsoft says.


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