CES 2009 About To Commence

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Any PC or technology lover knows that January not only brings in the new year, but also the Consumer Electronics Show (or CES). CES is a time for IT and electronics companies to debut their new “toys and gadgets” before they are launched into the retail markets. CES is held in Las Vegas, NV and is sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association.

That being said, here are a few items that are expected to gain a lot of press when CES begins next week:

(1) Windows 7 Beta Debuted – Microsoft is expected to debut Windows 7 to the CES attendees although as we reported yesterday, Windows 7 Beta was leaked to bittorrent sites illegally last week so this may damper the announcement.

(2) Sony’s Mysterious Laptop – Sony is teasing the audience with ads that say their new portable PC “will change the way you look at laptops.” No one has quite figured out just what Sony has up their sleeve, but the focus is definitely on Sony. CES is a time where a ton of new laptops, desktops and other PC marvels debut, but Sony’s done it right with keeping us all engaged without showing us their true diamond.

(3) Toshiba’s 512gb Solid State Drive – Toshiba is planning on debuting their new 512gb solid state drive at CES 2009 which would make it “one of the largest-capacity solid-state drives for use in laptops and come close to matching the size of mobile hard-disk drives.”

(4) Yahoo’s Rebirth with Intel and Internet-Enabled TV – According to CNET, high hopes are held for Yahoo and Intel and their partnership to bring consumers internet-enabled TV.  “Intel and Yahoo showed off Net-enabled TV prototypes in August, but the companies’ technology will be presented in more finished form at the electronics show within products by Samsung, Toshiba, and a number of new partners that have signed on since the debut.”

We will definitely be covering the big items at CES 2009 when it lands in Las Vegas on January 8th. Stay tuned!


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