Dell Launches Latitude XT2 Multi-touch Tablet

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Today Dell announced their new Latitude XT2 Multi-touch Tablet that has PCers buzzing. This is an updated version of the original Dell Latitude XT2 and this time it has multi-touch.

Just by using your finger or fingers to touch the screen, you can rotate, pan and pivot files and even turn the screen off by a tap of your finger. The tablet has a 12-inch swivel widescreen that can then be laid flat against the keyboard. Once you swivel the screen in a 180-degree fashion, it turns into a full-sized keyboard for actual “laptop use.” 

The XT2 not only lets you use your fingers for gesturing commands but it also comes with a digitized pen that will allow you to do most of your computing.

According to PC Magazine, “The refreshed tablet offers three USB ports, VGA-Out, an Ethernet port, and an SD card slot. Since the XT2 is geared towards business users, a SmartCard slot and TPM 1.2 are present as well. The unit measures about an inch-thick (11.7 by 8.6 by 1 inches). Its thinness is attributed to the omission of an internal optical drive. The XT2 will have options for both spinning and solid-state hard drives and multiple wireless offerings, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and WWAN (mobile broadband).”

The new tablet will start at more than $2,000 and there’s no word on when the tablet will ship.


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