Dell’s Adamo Pushed Back To February

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The much anticipated “world’s thinnest laptop” by Dell has been pushed back to February, according to sources at Engadget.

Rumors swirled back in August that Dell was working on the thinnest laptop the world has seen. Sources revealed this laptop would be in the market by end of the year, or even January, but it looks like that launch date has been pushed back to at least February.

Dell’s Adamo is expected to rival Apple’s Macbook Air. The Macbook Air was released at Macworld this past January and was totted as the world’s thinnest laptop.

Other news regarding Dell’s laptops have surfaced by Engadget as well. The Dell Studio XPS 13’s photos have been leaked and you can view the slick laptop here. The XPS 13 comes with a leather-wrapped casing on the laptop which will surely gain the attention of laptop users across the world.


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