Dell’s New Rugged Notebook

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Dell's Latitude E6400 

Dell unveiled their new rugged notebook, the Latitude E6400 XFR. It’s designed to withstand fog, drops, temperature extremes, thermal shock and explosives. Yes, explosives.

So why would you need this? It’s for the military or any rugged type. According to Daily Tech, “Dell says the machine owes its rugged design to a system it calls Ballistic Armor Protection System featuring a Dell exclusive material called PR481. Dell says that PR481 has twice the impact strength of magnesium alloy, 25% higher drop specification of up to four feet, and maintains structural stability at temperature extremes.”

It uses a sealant called PrimoSeal that seals dust and liquids via a compression gasket. It also uses a thermal management system to keep the laptop running in extreme temperature conditions. “Dell uses a QuadCool Thermal Management system. Graphics are via NVIDIA’s Quadro NVS 160M GPU with 256MB of DDR2 RAM. The battery of the machine uses ExpressCharge technology for faster recharge times in the field and the machine is 2.2-inches thick and starts at 8.5 pounds. The screen is 14.1-inches and uses DirectVue technology for better readability in sunlight. Pricing for the Dell E6400 XFR starts at $4,299,” reports Daily Tech.


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  1. huh? says:

    No way… $4K+ for a laptop???? Does it come with daily massages or something?

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