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Maybe you are still running Windows XP and are happy with it for the moment. The upgrade to Vista has been postponed by many, first because of the initial increased hardware requirements, and later because of the negative feedback on Vista. For those that did switch or upgrade to Vista though, service pack 1 was a big improvement, addressing a lot of the initial concerns with the operating system.

And now Microsoft has released Vista SP2 for everyone to download. Even though Microsoft (as always) recommends users to wait for Windows update to install service pack for Vista in the coming weeks, you can already download and install SP2 for Vista yourself.

In itself Vista SP2 will not bring you shocking changes, or improvements like SP1 did. But if you are eager to use Blu-ray and are waiting for Bluetooth 2.1 support, then SP2 will be required. Other than that, Vista SP2 basically contains all patches that were released between the release of SP1 and now. SP2 is applicable to both Vista and Windows server 2008.

Service pack 2 also includes the new Windows Search 4.0, which should improve the indexing and search of files and folders. You can now also opt to index shared files and encrypted files, and hope for less problems, since the reliability of Windows Search should improve as well.

Maybe you still prefer to wait for Windows 7 later in the year, but depending on the Windows 7 pricing, it could be wise to make sure Vista is running up to date! With the support for Windows XP by Microsft ending, it is a matter of time when you will need to decide what your next operating system will be.


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  1. Julian says:

    The windows update service is shocking, from fresh install, you have to download tonnes of patches, and click restart all the time, who in their right mind is going to wait all day by their computer and click restart every minute, ten minutes or half an hour, its bloody boring, there are chores to do and the sun is shining, is macintosh any better?

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