Facebook Lite Launches

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Do you have small bandwidth these days? Does it take 10 minutes to load a single page or watch a moxie podcast? Well, Facebook feels your pain. Facebook Lite has officially launched this week for the bandwidth challenged.

Earlier, bloggers debated the real intentions of FB Lite as a Twitter competitor but soon realized that Facebook was indeed creating a “watered down” version of the full Facebook site for countries, such as 3rd world countries, that do not have the capacity (bandwidth) that other countries do. “The new site is geared toward users in parts of the world with network bandwidth constraints and new users who might be put off by the feature-clogged pages of the main Facebook site,” concludes ChannelWeb.

This newer lite version limits the user experience of Facebook though. It allows one to add friends, accept friend requests, browse on people’s profiles and upload photos.

Facebook (the full version) also added new features yesterday allowing users to tag friends on status updates as well as other posts so your friends can ensure they view your status update(s) and posts.


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