Firefox 3: The Browser That Has It All

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Firefox 3 Download Day

There are many internet browsers available to PC users today, but one that will supposedly break the record books should be coming out later this month. Firefox 3 is scheduled to go public (currently in private beta 5) sometime in the next few weeks and the company is asking PC users all across the world to spread the news.

“Spread Firefox” is a global campaign that asks users to download Firefox 3 on the release date so that they can break the Guinness World Record of the most software downloads in one day. Firefox is asking users to spread the word by blogging, host download parties and invite their friends to partake in the downloading day event. For more information about Firefox 3, please visit

According to PC Magazine, Firefox 3 is not only faster than any other browser currently out there, but is also loaded with several new features. These features include an improved download manager, better integration with Vista, and improved location bar auto-completion. They also claim that Firefox “has noticeably snappier browsing and program loading.”

Of all the features that Firefox 3 will have, the location bar auto-complete and the download manager are expected to grab users attention the most. The location bar auto-complete will incorporate an algorithm that will give the most relevant searches whenever you type an address into the location bar. This algorithm is adaptive and will further tune the results the more you use it. The Download Manager will include a history of all downloads, a time counter to show you how many minutes left for the download to complete and a pause button so that you can stop and restart a download as often as you please.

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3 Comments on Firefox 3: The Browser That Has It All

  1. James G on Tue, 10th Jun 2008 1:00 pm
  2. That’s great. I love Firefox and I’m getting tired of Internet Explorer. Great post.

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  3. Ron H on Thu, 19th Jun 2008 9:23 am
  4. Must be something good about it, I saw it got more than 8 million downloads in 1 day!
    Think I’ll have a look at it as well.

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