Google Drops Bomb on Microsoft – Chrome OS

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In a very surprising announcement this morning, Google has literally dropped what some call a nuclear bomb on Microsoft’s Windows XP and Vista – a new operating system called Google Chrome OS. Will Windows 7 defend this attack – that’s still unknown because Windows 7 is made for full powered computers and Chrome OS will be “the web as an OS.”

TechCrunch broke the story last night and explained why this is a huge threat towards Microsoft: “In the second half of 2010, Google plans to launch the Google Chrome OS, an operating system designed from the ground up to run the Chrome web browser on netbooks. ‘It’s our attempt to re-think what operating systems should be,’ Google writes tonight on its blog.”

Google goes on to say that the major operating systems (Microsoft) were built around a “non-internet” environment and therefore lack today’s demands in the mobile market… “the operating systems that browsers run on were designed in an era where there was no web,” concluded Google’s Blog.

The Chrome OS should launch next year and it’s primary target will be for netbooks, which as we’ve discussed on PCAuthorities before, netbooks are becoming the wave of the mobile future. “Google says the software architecture will basically be the current Chrome browser running inside “a new windowing system on top of a Linux kernel.” So in other words, it basically is the web as an OS. And applications developers will develop for it just as they would on the web. This is similar to the approach Palm has taken with its new webOS for the Palm Pre, but Google notes that any app developed for Google Chrome OS will work in any standards-compliant browser on any OS,” states TechCrunch.


4 Comments to “Google Drops Bomb on Microsoft – Chrome OS”

  1. Bran Jenkin says:

    This may come across as being silly, but wasn’t the web built around the microsoft framework. It would be good to get some competition however, so I am going to support google’s new venture. Go google. Everything google has released has been a pleasure to use, so this new OS should be something good.

  2. LaptopUser says:

    I think Chrome OS success is in doubt. Goal of chrome os is not clear enough, which type of users will use it? Ubuntu can do as same as Chrome OS, fast, few resource require, have firefox and can be config to optimal running web seving.
    In additional, It’s not easy to made OS to support numerous devices or gather the vendor to made drivers for Google OS as same as Microsoft. Google said they aimed for Netbook is surely less vary of devices that is better to start.

  3. Cathleen says:

    You?re a real deep thinker. Tahkns for sharing.

  4. Kyle says:

    Without doubts Google expects it’s name to sell the product, but one of my main concerns with all this is that everything will be on the Internet. Security and reliability will therefor be a big issue for me personally.
    And I agree with LaptopUser that Ubuntu, as one of the most user-friendly Linux distributions, is a very good Windows alternative already.
    And since I am not currently using the Chrome browser (I did try it), I doubt if ChromeOS will be a quick hit.

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