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Most PC users say that Google is their search engine of choice and it may be more people’s choice now that Google has improved their searching capabilities.

According to Google’s blog today, “Starting today, we’re deploying a new technology that can better understand associations and concepts related to your search, and one of its first applications lets us offer you even more useful related searches (the terms found at the bottom, and sometimes at the top, of the search results page). For example, if you search for [principles of physics], our algorithms understand that “angular momentum,” “special relativity,” “big bang” and “quantum mechanic” are related terms that could help you find what you need.”

The second thing Google changed are what they call snippets and they’ve made them to be much longer. Once you key a word in Google and then hit enter to get your search results, you will see a title of the website in blue and below that is a snippet of information relative to the website. Your searched keyword may be in bold in the snippet. Google has changed snippet functionality so that when you search term is a really long (multi words) search, the snippets will expand. According to Google, “regular-length snippets may not give you enough information and context. In these situations, we now increase the number of lines in the snippet to provide more information and show more of the words you typed in the context of the page.”

Keep your eyes peeled for more improvements to Google’s search engine. Now that Wolfram Alpha is on its way, Google is doing what they can to keep their customers.


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