Google Offers $10 Mil For A Good Idea

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Google just recently came out with an announcement today that states a new program that will pay someone ten million dollars for the best idea that will “change the world by helping as many people as possible.”

According to Fox News, Google suggested an example such as the Hippo Roller. The Hippo Roller was an invention that allowed people to roll a large jug of water behind them versus carrying it miles upon miles in third world countries.

The deadline for submissions is October 20th and then Google will pick the top 100 ideas. According to the report, “online voters will select the top 20, and in January judges will winnow them down to a maximum number of five that split a pot of $10 million that Google will grant for research and development.”

If you’d like to submit your $10 million idea, please click here!


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  1. Stanley Dudley says:

    I have submitted an “idea”. It may not save the world but I do believe it would go a long way in the proper running of our government and help return TRUST back into our government. The citizens of USA ARE GETTING SICK OF THE DISHONESTY that is in the highest forms of our government. The passing of Bills in Congress by: You better vote on my crazy amendment or I will not vote yes on this Bill or any of your Pork Barrel, has got to stop.

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