Google’s New Browser: Google Chrome

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Late Monday night, bloggers around the world began hinting at Google’s new web browser that is expected to take on Microsoft in a very large way and it’s called Google Chrome. just wrote this morning, “Google announced their browser Google Chrome to be available on Tuesday, but their download page and tour was already partly available at just now.”

Google’s own blog just added some more insight earlier this morning when they said the reason they’re launching this so soon is because “we believe we can add value for users and, at the same time, help drive innovation on the web.”

So what is Google Chrome? It’s a browser that realizes in today’s internet world, most websites are no longer just web pages and more applications: videos, chat and web-based games. So Google believes their new browser can do the internet justice where IE 8 or FF3 can not.

If you’re interested in what Google Chrome has to offer, please look at their new “cartoon campaign” which explains exactly what Google Chrome is and what it aims to do. Once an active link is available later today, we will post it for you to download.

UPDATE: It’s here! Download Google Chrome now :)


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  1. says:

    Google’s New Browser: Google Chrome |…

    Google releases its browser Google Chrome….

  2. steve says:

    OMG… google chrome showed me, on my first try, ads without content!!! Way 2 go 2 generate click revenue! :)

    Caught on video here:

  3. Jules says:

    Hey Steve – thanks for the video. I just rated it. It made me think of how many other sites out there may be losing traffic if they indeed switch to Chrome w/o realizing these missing content.

  4. Personally, I’m not sure this is an issue w/ me re: what Steve wrote… but I do appreciate the comments.

    The way I personally view it, with some bias as I love all things Google, is the more web browsers for the mainstream to have, the better experience for the user.

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