How to Keep Up To Date with Gadgets

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Don’t you just hate it when friends talk about a new gadget you have not even heard about yet? Or worse, they already have it and show it to you!

Maybe this is a bit strong, but if you are anything like me, you prefer to come up with the news and have (useful) gadgets first. Many are handy and some are just fun, so as long as they are affordable, it is great to own them.

But knowing everything or getting them all is impossible of course. So it is great that there are so many sources for information on new gadgets, updates on features and real life tests.

Some of my favorite sites on this kind of information are:

Engadget has been around for almost 6 year now and is always a very good source for reviews and news on gadgets. Updates on software are also covered for Windows, Apple and Linux platforms. Extensive commenting ads to the value of this blog.

Gizmodo has also been operational for about 7 years now, and it has an extensive following of gadget freeks. Gizmodo covers news on a whole range of electronics.

Techeblog also covers gadgets, but is also covers a much wider range of technology, varying software to cars to movies. Much less commenting though, so more one-sided opinions.

Does it sound German to you too? Ubergizmo only started in 2004 but has a very strong focus on gadgets, even though some other tech stuff is also covered. Whether it is electronics for home, office, or on the road, you’ll find something on it at ubergizmo.

Many news magazines and sites also have a technology section. At wired magazine it is called gadgetlab and it contains a lot of nice info on the latest gadgets, including a lot of camera and phone reviews.

Of course there are many more, and most gadget sites allow you to follow them on twitter and other social media services. This way you can get all the latest gadget news from your favorites tech sites all the time. Now see who beats you to the gadget news ;)

Share your favorite gadget site and I’ll review and add it to the list!


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  1. Ian says:

    Wired is my favorite. They just posted another nice gadget post on gaming gadgets!

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