Hunch – A New “Decision Engine”

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Ever have a question that you ask and you always get the answer of “it depends?” Well now a “decision” engine called can help answer your question based upon your personality. It can give you answers for shopping, health, career and other advice all based upon how you are as a person.

Lifehacker’s Kevin Purdy tried Hunch and explains what it does quite well. “Heading to the site for the first time, you’re asked a series of questions, some light-hearted, others somewhat serious, ranging from cultural preferences to basic statistics like age, career wishes, and other considerations. The questions can go on seemingly forever, but after answering a good chunk of them, you can click away to get to Hunch‘s topical questions. A browser cookie will save your answers, or you can sign up for a long-term preference profile.”

You can ask questions on which HD TV you should purchase or what PC is best for you. Hunch then determines the answer by the answers to your personality questions and according to several users, it’s a great new “decision” engine. It’s free to try.


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